SNAP cluster: Drugs & Alcohol: A Community Approach

12.05.2014 - 12.05.2014


Antwerp [view on map]


The INTERREG 2 Seas Programme Authorities and SNAP cluster partners have the pleasure to invite you to...

Drugs & Alcohol: A Community Approach Exploring crossborder development of community led drug and alcohol initiatives in Antwerp on 12th May 2014

Free admission

The conference explores how community-led solutions can be effective in reducing the negative impact drugs and alcohol can have on both users and the people and places around them. A series of discussions and workshops will be delivered on the following themes: * Engaging & Involving Our Communities * Public Spaces & Environmental Influences * Community Based Harm Reduction & Social Re-Integration * Social Prevention & Education * Community Justice, Reparation and Policing * Involving Families and Social Networks in Recovery.

This is a crossborder event suitable for English, Dutch and French speakers.

The content is based on lessons learnt and projects developed in Brighton & Hove, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Calais, and Medway.


This conference is targeted at:

  • Professionals, specialists, policy makers or politicians with an interest in the fields of drugs & alcohol, community safety, and community involvement
  • Members of the public with an interest in being actively involved in their community, or who are affected by drug & alcohol issues.


More information on registration and the detailed program will be available at: