For successful projects/clusters, a Subsidy Contract will be signed between the Programme’s Managing Authority and the Lead Partner organisation. Much of the information is standard and covers the need to comply with programme, national and Community rules and regulations. A couple of features are, however, worth stressing:

  • The contract allows projects to carry out the approved activities and the approved application form is attached as an annex to the contract. Any extra activities cannot therefore be carried out without the Programme’s advance approval.

  • The contract contains budget details and annual spending targets again based on the information in the application. Projects/Clusters will be expected to meet these targets and failure to do so may result in a cut in the grant.

While the Subsidy Contract is signed between the Lead Partner and the Programme, a Partnership Agreement will constitute the formal contract between the partners. All projects/ Clusters must have a partnership agreement. It is important that a sound agreement is in place between the Lead Partner and other partners, since the Lead Partner is ultimately responsible for the management of the project towards the Managing Authority. The partnership agreement formalises the division of mutual responsibilities and rights of partners, and must be concluded among all project/cluster partners before the first payment request is submitted to the JTS. The Programme has set up a template that the partnership must use.

For your information, please find below an example of the two documents available for download.



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