Communication Guidance

Programme guidelines
The European Commission general guidelines on communication are to be found in the European Regulation 1828/2006. Section 1 on information and publicity sets the legal framework for  how ‘final beneficiaries’ (i.e. all partners of approved projects) communicate about a project.

More specific information about both the EU and 2 Seas Programme requirements are listed in the Communication guidance document. The document explains how to use the EU and Programme logos and gives you practical advice on how to communicate in and outside your partnership.

Publicity tools
Some publicity tools are at your disposal:

  1. Logos: Below, you can download the logo of the European Union and of the 2 Seas Programme. Different formats and sizes are available. In order to help projects respecting all logo and textual requirements, the Programme developed one single image, combining both logos and all compulsory texts. It is available in different formats and all programme languages.

  2. Maps of the cooperation area: includes a map of the 2 Seas cooperation area and a map of the Common Priority area combining both the 2 Seas and the Channel Programmes.


Cluster tools:

For each cluster approved, two deliverables are mandatory: a 2 seas cluster event and a 2 Seas cluster publication. These are conceived and set up by the clusters partners, but both are considered as communication activities at "2 Seas Programme" level, and must receive a "ready for printing" approval by the JTS.
Please find below the guidance documents and the templates which will help you better understand what is expected from a cluster.


Communication tool Low resolution High resolution
EU Flag x x
Programme Logo x x
Programme cartouche x x
Map of the 2 Seas Cooperation area x  
Map of the Common Priority eligible area x  
Cluster tools    
Publication guidance  x  
Cluster publication template  x
Event guidance  x  
Cluster event programme x  x