UIA in search of experts to assess project proposals


The Conseil Regional Nord-Pas de Calais (Entrusted Entity for the implementation of the UIA Initiative) is issuing a Call for Applications for the constitution of a Panel of External Experts for the Strategic Assessment of project proposals submitted in the framework of the 1st Call for Proposals.


The present Call for Applications is open for the recruitment of around 20 experts on the 4 main topics identified for the 1st Call for Proposals:

  • Jobs and skills in the local economy
  • Energy transition
  • Urban poverty - with focus on deprived neighbourhoods
  • Integration of migrants and refugees


Depending on the number of applications received, it is expected that around 5 experts will be selected for each topic.

The present Call for Applications will remain open until 26th February 2016, 14h00 (CET).

Applicants are invited to read the Terms of Reference for the Call for Applications.


For information concerning the Call for Applications you can contact Raffaele Barbato (Project Coordinator) (r.barbato@uia-initiative.eu)


The UIA Initiative has launched a Tender Procedure in order to select a suitable organization to provide assistance to the UIA Permanent Secretariat, both for Selection and Contractual management of its EXPERTS.

Check out the tender documents: http://gecotti.synapse-entreprises.com/.


You can also find this message on the UIA website.